Let’s be cheerful optimism and positive thinking about everything

Let’s be cheerful optimism and positive thinking about everything

One philosopher said: “When you were born in this world, you started on road to death. And the bigger you get, the closer you are to death.”

What a great saying and meaning, there is no reason for us to waste living time by pessimism, sadness or depression. Why do not you cherish every moment, every day that you are present in the world, and always try to enjoy it? Life should not have position for pessimism.

However, perhaps the biggest challenge in life is how to be optimistic in every situation. Keeping the spirit of optimism is a feat, but with time, practice and motivation, you can do it.
First of all, we need understand that experiencing pain, disappointment does not mean that you will experience them again in the future. Everyone goes through unfortunate situations at some time point in their life and you are no exception.

Self-reflection is the cause, not the result. You are not a product or a victim of your circumstances. Stop thinking about what happens to you, but let’s start thinking about what you can do to make it happen. If you are unhappy with your present life, set a goal and continue to live happily to achieve it. Use your past traumatic experience to move forward instead of letting it makes you passive, avoiding everything. Sometimes, you need take risks to get rewards.

Accepting pain, suffering and frustration is a part of life. Do not let yourself be deterred or discouraged by mistakes and failures. You have to always think that you are just a normal person and no matter how confident you are, there will always be failure or a mistake and remember that where there is failure or mistake, there is room for growth and improvement.

  • Believe in your plan. At least understand it.
  • Believe in today. At least you know that yesterday was over.
  • Believe in your loved ones. At least you set goals and good plan to achieve it.
  • Believe in your thoughts. At least you know it’s a positive and constructive direction.
  • Believe in how people treat you. At least you can know what they think about you.

In addition, positive thinking is important to help you have a pleasant and healthy mental life, always looking for a positive side in every situation and action. At the same time, positive thinking also makes you become more optimistic. Besides, it is also the key to success in work, love and daily life.

You probably hear people say that: “Think more positively” whenever someone is sad or worried. However, people usually do not pay attention to it because they do not know what it means or do not see that it is useful and effective.  As optimism, positive thinking is not innate, but we have to learn and try to achieve it.

Optimism, positive thinking are two indispensable elements to have a healthy and comfortable spirit, enjoy life completely!

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