Revealing special fun backstage, few people know of AHCOM Group

Revealing special fun backstage, few people know of AHCOM Group

The “BUSINESS REVIEW CEREMONY 2016 – GALA DINNER” was very memorable, but few people knew that before and after the ceremony, there were many fun pictures of the staff involved in the performance.
In addition to stressful working hours, this is also the moment when AHCOM staff relax and get closer, chat and share more.
Not only enthusiastic in work, AHCOM staff are very enthusiastic and excited in these rehearsals. It is these moments that connects people closer together.
Although only for a short time, the impression and resonance of these activities are still always in heart of every AHCOM individual!


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AHCOM gives gifts to all employees before mid-autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival is an occasion to connect people when everyone has the opportunity to close and love more. According to direction of Directors, on 19/9/2018, all units of AHCOM held a meeting to  give gifts to all employees. The gifts given is sincere sentiment of leader for all employees to build a happy family - AHCOM. Accordingly, every member is given a box of moon cake, which is a small gift but that it's meaning is great. ...


On feb 1st, 2018, AHCOM VIETNAM JSC successfully held ceremony to summarize business activities in 2017 at Forevermark wedding and convention center (614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi). As an annual activity, this event was held to sum up achievements in 2017 and provide strategic orientation for development in 2018. This is also an opportunity for all members to exchange and share experiences as well as to be more...