Reward individual and collective supporting to handle fire

Reward individual and collective supporting to handle fire

To honor and raise sense of responsibility of all AHCOM staff in fire prevention and fighting, the Chairman of AHCOM Group decided to commend collective and individuals that have handled the fire well at the kitchen area at Nissan Long Bien Dealer on May 8th, 2017.

Although the fire was unexpected, with the agility, calm, brave and timely handling of staff, the fire was quickly processed and no major damage.

The reward decision is as follows:

  • Discoverer – Kitchen Team:  2,000,000 VND
  • Mr. Dang Manh Hung – Head of the paint team: The person directly cut off the electric knife, courage to climb the roof extinguish the fire: 3 000,000 VND
  •  Technician team- Support fire extinguishing Team:  2,000,000 VN

Once again, we would like to acknowledge and thank the extremely commendable and brave actions of all individuals and staff of Nissan Long Bien who enthusiastically assisted in extinguishing the fire.

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