Hanoi in the early days of July with  sunshine like want to burn everything. However, technicians at AHCOM still work hard. It does not make them tired or bored. The hotter it is, the more enthusiastic, labor-intensive they are.

One summer day in July at AHCOM Care service workshop (Photo Source: Anthony Pham)

Abnormal hot weather causes many upsets and difficulties for the life of all people. Even office workers sitting in harmony all day are also tired, afraid. However, the technicians at AHCOM service workshop are still living with the heat 40-50 degree , no air conditioning, no fan. Witness the scene of a technicians who work hard with sweat profusely but never stop smiling, how much admiration and affection them do we have.. Instead of wailing, moody, they turn it into joy, motivation in work. What made that power, the only answer is: The love for AHCOM.

Wet towels are covered over head to avoid heat (Photo Source: Anthony Pham)

These days, though early in the morning, it was as hot as fire. The sound of cars, the noise of engines, equipments … makes atmosphere at ACC become stuffy and sultry. Hot sunshine straight into face, protective clothing also are not effective. The wet cloth cover is the way for the technicians to fight on hot days. These scenes make anyone look at also feel lovely and admired. They are still hard, careful, accurate in each manipulation, and never forget to smile with colleagues and customers. They try to motivate each other with a cheerful optimism spirit. The positive in the way of working and thinking makes harshness of the sun as shadows off, giving sit for the “steel” spirit.

Bright smile and positive spirit in work of service technicians (Photo Source: Anthony Pham)

Appreciate and acknowledge these efforts, AHCOM’s leadership encourages the spirit of each individual. The recognition is as the deep gratitude which AHCOM’s leadership give them because they deserve it.

Still know that “Fire proves gold, adversity proves men” but hope that the sun in July soon to dissipate so that the technicians do not suffer more hot strenuous to ensure the health of next work journey . What they have done demonstrated for “The love for AHCOM”. AHCOM is proud of what they have been doing. Thank you all, warriors with steel spirit. July is so hot, but July is beautiful with never-sunshine smile on them.

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