AHCOM Group opened next course of “AHCOM Culture” at 68 Le Van Luong office on December 09, 2017. The course was attended by over 40 members from five member units of group: Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, AHCOM Tech.

AHCOM culture class

For many people, the term “corporate culture” is not too strange. This is a basic lesson for all AHCOM members when they join the company. They have the opportunity to listen, understand and practice the skills in this course. Basic courses such as hand-shaking culture, greetings to customers, hospitality … were actively engaged and actively exchanged by members.

Practice hand-shaking skill

Practice water inviting skill

Practice giving card to customers- partners-colleagues

Right from the start, AHCOM has clearly defined the need to develop a comprehensive human resources strategy in which the first step is to develop an methodical internal training program. Therefore, these activities are held quite regularly.

AHCOM’s member focuses on listening during the training

At the end of the course, members of AHCOM expressed their cheerfulness throught bright smiles, warm handshakes, friendly shoulders…

It is hoped that AHCOM members will continue their seniors to build AHCOM group – firm steps in the future.

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