The sweetest and meaningful wishes of AHCOM’s male for female on March 8th

The sweetest and meaningful wishes of AHCOM’s male for female on March 8th

Đến ngày mồng tám tháng ba
Thì tôi lại ước em là… đàn ông.
Ước em đôi má phai hồng
Đôi môi phai thắm, lại không… điệu đà
Ước em… duyên bớt mặn mà
Đừng đằm thắm quá, người ta yêu thầm!
Ước em, bỗng cũng… “hâm hâm”
Tự nhiên quên mất… cầm nhầm tay tôi!


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Reward individual and collective supporting to handle fire

To honor and raise sense of responsibility of all AHCOM staff in fire prevention and fighting, the Chairman of AHCOM Group decided to commend collective and individuals that have handled the fire well at the kitchen area at Nissan Long Bien Dealer on May 8th, 2017. Although the fire was unexpected, with the agility, calm, brave and timely handling of staff, the fire was quickly processed and no major damage. The reward decision...

AHCOM celebrates birthday parties for staffs in June, 2017

On behalf of all employees of AHCOM, we would like to send our sincere thanks to all of you in the past time who have always accompanied and devoted to the development of company. Wish you happy birthday, abundant health, happiness and success! Birthday of members at Nissan Long Bien Dealer Birthday of members at Subaru Hanoi Birthday of members at ACC Birthday of members at Mazda Le Van Luong Dealer