1. Purpose and scope of income

The collection of information is primary on the website and aims to contact, consult or help answer questions, inquiries about cars, services or support information when customers need to ensuring benefits for them.

The scope of collection includes: email, phone, vehicle number,…

2. The scope of information using

The company uses customer’s information in scopes:

  • Provide services to customers
  • Contact and resolve with customers in special cases
  • Do not use personal information of members other except from purpose of supporting and contacting which relate transactions between customers and
  • In case of legal requirements: The Company is responsible for cooperating to provide personal information of customers when having requests from state management agencies relating to law violating behaviors from customers. In addition, no one has right to infringe on customer’s personal information.

3. Time of information storage

Personal data of customers will be stored until having cancellation request. Otherwise, personal information of customers will be secured on the server of

4. Address of the personal information collecting and managing unit

Company: AHCOM Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Address: No. 68 Le Van Luong Street, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi city, Vietnam.


5. Tools and means of support for users to access and edit their personal data.

Customers have right to request updation, adjustment or cancellation of their personal information by emailing or calling AHCOM Vietnam Joint Stock Company by phone number: 04 7304 1002 or email: to do this.

6. Security commitment of personal information customers

  • Personal information of customers on website is committed absolute confidentiality by AHCOM Vietnam Joint Stock Company according to the policy of personal information protection law. The collection and using customer’s information shall be made only with customer’s agreement, except from cases having other laws.
  • Not to use, not transfer, supply or reveal to any third parties about personal information of customers without customer’s agreement.
  • AHCOM Vietnam Joint Stock Company requires customers to provide personal information accurately and be responsible for the legality of above information. AHCOM Viet Nam Joint Stock Company is not responsible for solving any complaints relating to benefits of customers if the customer’s personal information is inaccurate.