The 8th birthday anniversary of AHCOM – Unforgettable impression.

The 8th birthday anniversary of AHCOM – Unforgettable impression.

In the beginning of October, with the joy of welcoming the capital’s liberation day 10/10 in whole country, nearly 300 members at AHCOM are also waiting the day with a special and sacred meaning: The 8th birthday anniversary of AHCOM Group. On 07/10/2018, The leaders and staffs gathered in Song Hong Resort (Vinh Phuc) to share the joy together with many meaningful activities.

This year, with enthusiastic investment and preparation, The program is built more impressively when in all activities is the message “Attitude Is More Important Than Knowledge”, which leaders specially want to send to all members.

AHCOM TOP 1 season 2 – thrilled with the journey  of finding the champion.

Although this is the second time, with more success from the first season in 2017, AHCOM Top 1 has become a beauty in the culture of AHCOM in general and indispensable operation of the company anniversary in particular. AHCOM Top 1 is not only a playground for the members to have the opportunity to show their talent but also to affirm great pride called AHCOM.

The AHCOM Top 1 (2018) is divided into two competitions: Professional Skill Contest on September 30th , The Theory & Situation Contest on October 7th for sales consultants, service advisors, technicians. Passing the strict competitions with suspense moments of 27 contestants from the Mazda Le Van Luong, Nissan Long Bien, Subaru Hanoi, the champions were found out. With the overwhelming victory over all three categories, Mazda Le Van Luong has written the history for the second season.

Awarded the best AHCOM Top 1 contestants (2018)

Fans were excited about the competition

Enjoy passionately with Team Building

Team building games are the next activities in the program. At 15:00 pm on October 7th, all members gathered at team playground. This is definitely the most anticipated part in the event, when everyone is excited with the spirit of “Play yourself”. The activity of sorting letters  “I LOVE AHCOM” and team games has created very exciting moments.

The activity of sorting letters  "I LOVE AHCOM"

The games were very eager for teams. Through these activities, everyone felt tired, but all were very happy, healthy;  especially co-workers relationship is increasingly closer. The exciting experiences of team building has also helped the members gain more energy to work and strive for the goal of AHCOM in the future.

 Team building activities were fun and meaningful

Gala dinner – More than the company, it’s the family

After Team Building activity in the afternoon, the members continued to be ready for Gala Dinner on same day.

The party was also an opportunity for the company’s leaders to show thanks and gratitude to members who have been building AHCOM, especially the members who have dedicated for 5 years.

Not just a company or colleagues, AHCOM is a big family. It is the feeling and spiritual value that every member can feel deep in Gala dinner. Hand-held, long-sleeved hugs and free dancing together would surely be the most wonderful moment for that day, for tomorrow and more.

That day passed quickly, but the joy has been still in each other and love for AHCOM will be more deep. Hopefully 9 years, 10 years, 20 years or even more many years later, AHCOM will always see these faces and many other faces in the birthday celebration.

Wishing all staffs health, happiness, success, with AHCOM to conquer new future!

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