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Getting back to work after a long period of social distancing due to COVID-19 pandemic, the question is how to regain energy and kickstart new plans when getting back to work. Let’s up the motivation with AHCOM in some following ways.

Firstly: Change the routine

During the time of working from home, most people often get up late, stay up late… Change some habits, get back to a normal schedule so that your body does not get tired. The first day back will likely to be a bit

difficult but try to go to bed early so that in the next few days your body will quickly get used to the regular schedule again. Getting up early, doing some exercises, having breakfast will be the perfect recipe for you to always remain mentally comfortable and get back to normal life, preparing you for work.

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Rearrange your desk at work

Rearrange the desk where you sit neatly and cleanly. Cleaning your desk will help you feel more excited at work and this will not take too much of your time. You just have to clean up some unnecessary papers and documents, rearrange the rest; clean your desk and computer. A spacious and neat desk will reduce your stress and pressure when returning to work.

Moreover, you should make your workspace refreshing by a vase of fresh flowers or decoration, to boost your motivation after a long break.

Reallocate your tasks

To quickly get used to the work progress, firstly list, prioritize and try to finish respectively what you need to do today. Do not rush to solve anything immediately, you will quickly feel bored and overwhelmed.

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Avoid gossiping

When returning to work, surely people will have a lot of stories to tell each other but these, even if they are short, will waste you quite some time. You should wait till lunch break, you will be more comfortable telling the stories, and most importantly, you can utilize the time in the morning to work effectively.

Temporarily stop the habit of reading negative news in the morning

In the first morning back to work, with a huge load of unresolved work and the lingering feeling of sluggishness, spending time to read the news will only make you feel more tired. Temporarily quit the habit of reading the news, you should spend that time to get to work, tidy up and finish the tasks instead.

Motivate yourself

After social distancing period, people will often experience tiredness. No matter how much you love your work, the feeling after a long break will make many people inactive. Reallocate things to start working, and you can totally motivate yourself and regain energy by thinking about the next holiday. This may sound ridiculous, but it actually can motivate you to finish your assigned work.

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Start things off with a relaxed mood and enthusiasm

You should show that you are a young, active and passionate person who knows how to plan for the new year and is determined to do everything. Let’s imagine when your project plan is all finished, you will receive bonuses, promotions, congratulations, appreciation from the managers and colleagues. Those will give you enough energy to realize that you should work rather than take a break.


Smile, it is a free therapy that helps you relax, reduces stress level, and creates a more comfortable, friendlier atmosphere for everyone. You should try to maintain the smile, get rid of all unnecessary negative feelings such as frustration, boredom, discomfort, etc. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, a relax and happy feeling will help you get back to your daily life smoothly and effectively.

Vietnam has achieved certain success against the COVID-19 pandemic. AHCOM, together with the whole nation, unite and strictly conform Prime Minister’s Directive 16 about social distancing and home isolation. And now, after the success in stopping the spread of the disease, we return to work, continue to develop and go forward. Therefore, let’s join AHCOM, together regain energy, get to work with an inspiring motivation. And do not forget to follow the prescribed COVID-19 preventive measures to completely eradicate the disease.

AHCOM wishes all employees a good working day!




  • Creating and maintaining a dynamic, professional and transparent working environment.
  • Building a sustainable organization to create new added values for customers.
  • Providing high-quality products and services at reasonable prices.
  • Contributing to building a better community and environment.
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