AHCOM CUP OPEN 2017 Opening- More than expected

AHCOM CUP OPEN 2017 Opening- More than expected

After many days of preparation and waiting, AHCOM CUP OPEN 2017 officially  started. The opening ceremony was held in a formal manner as of modern sports spirit.

The audience was greeted by handsome players of teams. Opening time was at 17.30 on April 1st, 2017 at My Dinh National Stadium. The weather was very nice and suitable for players starting the first match of the season. Leaders also arranged work to attend the ceremony and motivate players.


Representative AHCOM Group – sponsors and host is Mr. Nguyen Duc Hop – Chairman of AHCOM Group.

Representatives of the organizing committee of AHCOM CUP OPEN 2017 is Mr. Huynh Hong Ha – Head of the organizing committee.

Representative of Vietinbank Lang Hoa Lac is Mr. Du Dinh Truong – Deputy Director

Representative of PVI Hanoi is Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Director

The representative of MB Lan Ong is Mrs. Do Thuy Loan – Director

Representative of SUBARU HN is Mr. Dinh Manh Chi – Director

Mazda Representative Le Van Luong is Mr. Nguyen Hoai Anh – Director

Representing Nissan Long Bien is Mr. Can Viet Ha – Director

In addition to other leaders, departments, staff members of all team and many passionate football fans, came to join and cheered for football teams.

After the opening ceremony are the matches: SUBARU HN & PVI HN, Vietinbank LHL & MB Lan Ong.

All attention was focused on the two newcomers from Vietinbank LHL vs MB Lan Ong. When the first whistle was lifted, two teams pushed up attacking team to attack total force. The pace was pushed up from start, players on pitch to play fast and consecutive situations are scored. As pace of the game was pushed to climax, at near end of the first half Le Anh Tuan of MB Lan Ong had his technical skills successfully created the first advantage for his team.

Then, stepping into the second half, Vietinbank Lang Hoa Lac was forced to attack the total force to get the lost score. That opportunity is Le Anh Tuan with very good goals scored, he took advantage of the offense The defenders of your team repeatedly scored in the last 4 minutes and completed the first hatrick of the tournament. After shock of the goal, the Viettinbank players almost lost spirit and striker’s team consecutive missed opportunities. In the end, MB Lan Ong also scored another goal thanks to the player’s number 9: Bui Tien Dung. MB Lan Ong won Vietinbank Lang Hoa Lac with ratio 4-0 .

As expected from experts, MB Lan Ong won, but with such results are shocking to all those who watched these two teams from the beginning. MB Lan Ong with the youth has completely overcome experience of Vietinbank Lang Hoa Lac. Can MB Lan Ong stay healthy until the end of the season? Is that after this shock Vietinbank Lang Hoa Lac up to step forward? All speculation will be resolved and the result will be available after 90 minutes of play.

Besides that, the fight between Subaru Hanoi & PVI Hanoi, the most anticipated match ever in this season. The game is very dramatic, the two teams balance and have beautiful ball line for fans. The match ended 1-1.

The next match, MB Lan Ong will meet the champion 2016 Nissan Long Bien. Is this the finale of the tournament? Please wait for this weekend at 17.30 on My Dinh Stadium.


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