Commencement Ceremony of Thia Village Nursery School

Commencement Ceremony of Thia Village Nursery School

On June 21st, 2018 AHCOM charity fund together with Pink Heart Club and Trung Thanh Food started the construction of Thia village nursery school (Vo Diem commune, Bac Quang district, Ha Giang province). This is one of activities in the charity program “New School for Children” organized by AHCOM charity fund.

Commencement Ceremony of Thia Village Nursery School

Attending the ceremony were leaders of the Bac Quang Education and Training Department, donors and people here.

Thia village is one of the most difficult schools in Ha Giang province. Students in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools must study in temporary classrooms, traffic difficult. In addition, there is a shortage of necessary equipments for teaching and learning.

Accordingly, the new school is built expectedly over 174m2 with 03 classrooms, 01 kitchen, 01 toilet and concrete playground.

The ground-breaking of Thia village nursery school.

It is expected that at the end of August 2018, the project will be completed and put into using, helping Thia students have a clean and beautiful school roof, contributing to improving the quality of teaching and learning, Volunteers come to the students here.

Many of villagers came together to build the Thia village nursery school.

The project of Thia village preschool has been built with a deep humanistic meaning, attracting consensus of local authorities in connecting and calling for donors, invest in education development, create favorable conditions for the teachers and students in learning and teaching.

Speaking at the ceremony, leaders of the Bac Quang Education and Training Department have expressed and recognized deep concern of AHCOM charity fund and donors who have contributed for education development of Bac Quang district in general, Vo Diem commune in particular. Beside, it is desirable that authorities and teachers will pay attention in speeding up the construction progress and putting the school into operation soon.

The representative of Bac Quang Education and Training Department said at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, representatives of AHCOM charity fund – Mr. Dinh Manh Chi said: “We are also actually confident that the new school will bring pupils better learning conditions. This new shcool will be where children learn, acquire knowledge to become good people, useful for family and society”.

Mr. Dinh Manh Chi shared in the ground-breaking ceremony of Thia village preschool.

AHCOM Charity Fund  would like to give thank to the donors who have joined together with project “New School for Children”. The project has brought joy, happiness and practical benefits to society. We are looking forward to continue to receive companionship, support from benefactors, charitable organizations, so that we can sow seeds of love, incubate knowledge in whole of the country.

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