AHCOM gives gifts to all employees before mid-autumn festival

AHCOM gives gifts to all employees before mid-autumn festival

Mid-Autumn festival is an occasion to connect people when everyone has the opportunity to close and love more. According to direction of Directors, on 19/9/2018, all units of AHCOM held a meeting to  give gifts to all employees.

The gifts given is sincere sentiment of leader for all employees to build a happy family – AHCOM.

Accordingly, every member is given a box of moon cake, which is a small gift but that it’s meaning is great.  Everyone would enjoy a happy Mid-Autumn Festival with their families. This is also a chance for all members of company to exchange, connect together, tighten sentiment in big family – AHCOM.

On behalf of AHCOM, the management would like to send wishes to all with their families and children the best wishes. Wishing AHCOM child members will always study well to become good citizens for society.

Once again, wishing all members and families will welcome a new Mid-Autumn Festival with happy and meaninful moments.

Some pictures of gifts given at the units:

Mazda Le Van Luong

Nissan Long Bien

Subaru Hanoi

AHCOM Care service workshop
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