In life, everyone seems to dream of a happy life, full of both material and spiritual. At any historical stage, people are always on the journey of desire for happiness. On the way to find the value of happiness, many people found answer and many others did not. So, What is happiness? Does it come from? And how to be happy?

There is a book that once wrote: “The greatest dream of man is to feel and find meaning and happiness in life. In childhood, people often think happiness is very simple, which is achieving what you want. And when you grow up, you embark on journey to find and discover value of happiness. There are a lot of questions surrounding this issue and many people are looking forward to finding answers for that.”

The simple truth that everyone knows, all of us want to be happy, and happiness is almost a huge goal in life. However, one thing that few of us know is that happiness is not and cannot be a goal. We will never reach happiness, get it, or hold it, because it simply does not exist outside of ourselves.

Happiness is not the highest thing, no need to search anywhere distant, happiness is not something that can be distributed. It lies in feel, thought, actions and around life. Happiness comes when we find and cherish joys, simple things ​​from daily life. Happiness is when we know how to feel and share, discover new things, live creatively, create new values ​​and do things that we cherish. No matter who you are, where you are, or in any circumstances, you have right to choose to live a happy life.

Happiness is formed from subtractions, so live with yourself, cherish what you have, open your heart to receive, empathize and share with others. That is the true happiness that we do not have to look for.

In everyone, there is a great amount of happiness, no matter what circumstances, it will not disappear. We are not happy just because we have not yet identified it. Happiness or suffering, all within our control. A happy person is not one who is in favorable condition, but one who always maintains proper attitude in all circumstances.

The simple way to live happily is to recognize and appreciate good things. Live positively, know and understand your values ​​to see how beautiful and meaningful life is. When there is enough love, happiness will be filled.




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