Closing the old year with many successes, ending a Tet holidays with family, members of AHCOM VIETNAM jubilantly return to working for new year “Mau Tuat”. In the morning of February 21 (on the sixth day of the Lunar New), AHCOM VIETNAM company solemnly held “Spring opening” at all branches and affiliates of company.

Attending this occasion, there was a full presence of AHCOM VIETNAM board of director and all members of units (including: Nissan Long Bien dealer, Mazda Le Van Luong dealer, Mazda Le Van Luong service workshop, Subaru Hanoi dealer).

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hop – President & General Director of AHCOM VIETNAM together with the members of the board sent good wishes to all members. On behalf of AHCOM’s board of directors, he openly shared cultural and business issues in the past year as well as development orientation in 2018. He emphasized on development of human resource quality under the guideline “Physical health, Strong spirit, Good professional skills” so when mentioning AHCOM, every member feel tremendous pride which comes from beautiful image of each individual and a strong team in  journey “Firm steps in the future”. In addition, he also focused on developing of nice culture to honor values of AHCOM. He expressed his belief in one year of continuous striving with solidarity and determination to complete outstanding tasks in 2018 of each unit.

General Director Nguyen Duc Hop shared at Mazda Le Van Luong dealer

General Director Nguyen Duc Hop shared at Nissan Long Bien dealer

This year, the board of director is very enthusiastic and thoughtful in preparing spring gifts for each member. Hundreds of good, meaning, carefully selected books are special gifts to bring surprise and joy to each individual. Explaining for the selection of books as spring gifts, General Director Nguyen Duc Hop shared that books are treasures valuable knowledge. Reading is one of the best ways to access knowledge, add knowledge gaps and widen understanding in job, occupation and other fields, help our thinking, awareness deeper. Intellectual wealth is a weapon for each person to have more confidence in themselves in process of communicating, actively managing and dealing with situations of work and life.

Understanding and agreeing with sharing of General Director Nguyen Duc Hop, all members expressed joy, trust and determination for journey of achieving new goals in 2018.

Mazda Le Van Luong dealer

Nissan Long Bien dealer

Mazda Le Van Luong service workshop

Spring opening ceremony took place in warm and intimate atmosphere. Everyone brought glasses of wine to happy new year. Happiness gleamed from bright eyes, beaming smiles as a signal of a fresh spring and a successful year 2018 for AHCOM VIETNAM.

Subaru Ha Noi dealer

Mazda Le Van Luong dealer

Closing jubilant atmosphere on the day of spring opening, we wish for AHCOM VIETNAM with more new success in new age, and each member is always healthy, happy, united to build a big family AHCOM with strong advance in the future.




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