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During this complicated situation regarding COVID-19; working from home or online is currently the solution many businesses choose. So how to maintain efficiency? Let’s find out.

Keep the same schedule and plan like at the office.

“Start the work by following the same procedure as if you are at the office,” that is the advice from some experienced people who have been working from home.

According to William Castellano, Professor at Rutgers School of Management and Industrial Relations:

“Try to get up on time, do what you usually do to get ready for work. Make sure your schedule does not change. You can make a to-do list every day”.

It will make you feel like you are always responsible for what you do and do it the same way you do it at the company.

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Have a private workspace

Create yourself a suitable and quiet indoor working space to avoid any distractions. The reason why working from home is so difficult is because there are many factors that can affect you such as family, neighbours, or surroundings, etc. However, you should set a boundary for your own space if it is not too important.

This is quite important if your roommate, your spouse is also working from home, or your child is at school because all are now closed.

Have a reasonable downtime schedule

A healthy, positive attitude and a reasonable downtime schedule are a must when working from home during COVID-19 pandemic. Because at the moment, when constantly being exposed to all the news, most people feel worried, confused and negative feelings are inevitable. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise, eat and have a break just like regular workdays. Or you can make a habit of walking up and down the stairs, getting up and stretching, or exercising at home outside of working hours.

Avoid feeling isolated

There is a common feeling among those who have to work from home, even for the introvert. That is the feeling of loneliness, the lack of motivation and responsibility. And to limit this, everyone should actively keep in touch with others instead of being passive. For example, you can work and interact more on online groups, or maybe you can email colleagues more often, make phone or video calls more regularly.

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Maintain work-life balance

For those who are accustomed to working at the office, travelling back home is a way to move from work life to family life. When working from home people, especially those who have family, need to learn how to maintain a work-life balance. Therefore, a detailed plan of what to do and how to take care of family members during COVID-19 pandemic is very important.

Wherever you work, you should always love yourself and live responsibly. AHCOM believe that Vietnam will win this COVID-19 pandemic.





  • Creating and maintaining a dynamic, professional and transparent working environment.
  • Building a sustainable organization to create new added values for customers.
  • Providing high-quality products and services at reasonable prices.
  • Contributing to building a better community and environment.
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